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  • What Every Business Owner and Individual Should Know About Preventing Their Work from Being Copied Online

    21 Apr 2014 Stephen C. Biggs Comments Off on What Every Business Owner and Individual Should Know About Preventing Their Work from Being Copied Online

    Imagine you are a business owner who spent countless hours drafting, designing, and finalizing the content, layout, and text of a brochure, website, or blog for your business. You are proud of your work and confident it will help you generate new leads and impress current customers. Or imagine you are a photographer who took a visually stunning photograph of a sunset, or a writer who just completed the final draft of an enthralling short story. You, too, are proud of your work and the time, skill, and effort you put into creating it. Now imagine that you, as the creator of one of these works, discover someone else has copied or posted your work on the Internet without your permission, perhaps even claiming your work as their own. You are understandably angry and frustrated. But what do you do to get the unauthorized copy of your work removed from the Internet?

  • Three Truths About Litigation The Public Needs to Know

    21 Apr 2014 Richard R. Thomas Comments Off on Three Truths About Litigation The Public Needs to Know

    Professionally speaking, for more than 30 years, I have lived in the world of litigation. It is the landscape of my every-day working life. When the day is over, I, like many of you, sometimes retreat to the fictional world of television and movies. Every so often, I see a movie or TV show about the civil legal process. And when I do, most of the time, I want to laugh or scream. These fictionalized stories of litigation almost never get it right – in a big way. They undoubtedly create wildly unreasonable expectations with the public about the litigation process. Here are three truths about the litigation process to debunk some of those unreasonable expectations. These may seem too simple to be true. They are certainly not the only truths about the litigation process that will help a client survive the process. However, in more than 30 years of observing and dealing with clients in litigation, I can assure you that they are fundamental truths that many litigants never truly confront.


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