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    Business Transactions & Litigation

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    Smith LC is a full-service business law firm, having represented clients from various states and around the world. From large corporations to small personal businesses, our attorneys have experience in virtually every type of business claim and operation. Our attorneys use their experience to help our clients in the formation and maintenance stages to protect their businesses from possible legal problems before they start. When problems do arise, our attorneys offer seasoned counsel for employment problems, breach of contract issues, unfair competition claims, and other potential disputes. With such extensive experience, our firm is specially situated to help our clients adapt to, react to, and resolve existing and new difficulties according to their individual needs.

    Experience2Real Estate & Construction

    Smith LC has represented developers, contractors, landlords, tenants, and others in a myriad of real estate issues. Whether the problem is complex litigation surrounding the development of a property, a landlord/tenant dispute, claims relating to work performed by a contractor, or land ownership disputes, our attorneys excel in representing the interests of our clients.

    Negligence, Product Liability & Premise Liabilityattorneys-720x200

    When it comes to issues of negligence, Smith LC has defended manufacturers and property owners against whom negligence claims have been brought and has also represented those injured by the negligence of others. In representing our clients, we work closely with insurance companies to resolve claims as quickly and efficiently as possible, according to our clients’ goals. Whether the alleged harm is due to a failure to warn, defective design, or defective manufacturing, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to obtain recovery for the injured or defend against such claims.

    clockTrusts, Estate Planning & Probate

    Smith LC has extensive experience in estate planning and probate. With our vast experience writing wills and trusts, our clients can count on us to ask the right questions and tailor their estate plan to their specific needs. As with all areas of practice, our firm is committed to accomplishing the desires of our clients while helping them see, avoid, and resolve possible difficulties. And when difficulties do arise, our attorneys are ready to ensure the execution of our clients’ wishes regarding their property.

    Intellectual PropertyExperience4

    Smith LC has national and international experience representing clients seeking to enforce their proprietary rights and those against whom infringement is alleged. Having represented large corporations and individual entrepreneurs, our attorneys are able to tailor our services to the needs of specific clients. With experience in a broad range of intellectual property cases, our firm can provide the highest level of representation to protect intellectual property rights.


    Experience5Labor & Employment

    Smith LC represents both employers and employees on a variety of employment issues, including claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, labor disputes, employee benefits, wage and hour law, and unfair competition. This experience gives our firm a special understanding of challenges facing our clients in the workplace and allows us to objectively evaluate each claim in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

    Bankruptcy & Creditor RightsExperience6

    Smith LC assists both businesses and creditors through bankruptcies, liquidations, and reorganizations. With specific knowledge of nuances and updates in the law, our attorneys are able to quickly find the best ways to help a client resolve the problems associated with financial insolvency.

    SecuritiesFraudSecurities & Investment Fraud

    Smith LC’s attorneys have represented clients from across the country in pursuing remedies against individuals and businesses that have defrauded investors or negligently made material misrepresentations on which investors relied to their detriment. These cases typically include claims against sellers of securities or other investments; the officers, directors, and managers of companies that sell securities; and the lawyers, accountants, and advisors who assist them.


    Trials are a fundamental part of what the attorneys at Smith LC do. When the trial is over and the verdict or judgment is in, the losing party often has the right to appeal the verdict, judgment, or other rulings in the case to an appellate court. Smith LC’s attorneys have extensive, unique, and effective experience handling appeals in state and federal appellate courts, including cases that were originally tried by other lawyers.

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