• Robert Fischer

    Robert D. Fischer Robert D. Fischer, of counsel, focuses his practice on family law, including divorce, child custody, visitation, support, domestic violence, business valuations, property division and prenuptial agreements. He has practiced in the area of family law for over 26 years and brings to his cases a unique understanding and empathy.

    Before joining Smith LC, Rob had been a sole practitioner for over 25 years and handled every aspect of his cases, including the preparation of pleadings, representing his clients in depositions, motions and complex trials.

    Rob graduated cum laude from Western State University, College of Law in 1995. He successfully litigated a move-away case, allowing a mother who shared 50/50 custody with father to move with the child out of state, which was upheld by the Court of Appeals. See Niko v. Foreman (2007) 144 Cal. App. 4 th 344.

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